Toyota FT-4X – Next Toyota FJ Cruiser, Concept and Rumors

 Current news reported that Toyota FT-4X will be the trademark of next version of Toyota FJ Cruiser. Toyota is using the FT acronym for Future Toyota concepts, so it is expected that new model will be named 2018 Toyota 4X. It will bring new design, powerful engine and latest infotainment features. Toyota wants to make this new model most popular in the market.


Toyota FT-4X Features and Specs

The exterior side of Toyota FT-4X will offer a modern look and appearance. It will have a hostile look and keeps the square looking design. This design is liked by the customers. The front part of this vehicle will possess newly designed bumpers and headlights. Similarly, the side wings will be redesigned completely. As compared to its previous model, it will possess a slimmer figure. Most of the people prefer its squared shape. This model will also offer two side doors and one rear door. Good storage space is available in the cabin for luggage. We can expect different color combinations in this model.

The front grille will be modified to bring a unique look. The shape of side mirrors will remain unchanged. The new design is remarkably astonishing and attractive for buyers. This off-road SUV will offer completely redesigned and modified features to impart a hostile look.

It’s dimensions:

  • length 167.3 inches (4249.42 mm)
  • width 71.7 inches (1821.18 mm)
  • height 63.9 inches (1623.06 mm)

Toyota FT-4X - CONCEPT interior

Toyota FT-4X Interior

The interior of Toyota FT-4X will be revamped and modified. The cab of this model will be designed in such a way to offer maximum comfort and relaxation. The seats are large in size with the best adjustment options. Seats are very durable and comfortable due to the use of a very soft material in upholstery. The dashboard will be updated to give a fine look. It will possess touch screen and keypad. The updated heating and cooling system in the cabin will also impart the best comfort.

The cabin is equipped with a vast array of infotainment products like touch screen display, speakers, Bluetooth, USB ports, wireless and many other features. We can also expect better safety and security features in the cabin. The interior of the previous and current model is outdated. Therefore Toyota has decided to revamp the cabin completely. We can also expect many other changes in the interior side of this vehicle.


Engine Options and Specs

The Toyota FT-4X will possess different engine options. The first engine option will feature V6 and four-cylinder engine. It is capable of producing 271 pounds per feet torque and 260 hp energy. The second engine option features V6, four-liter unit. It will offer output around 290 pounds per feet torque and 280 hp powers. Other engine options are also available for this vehicle. All engine options in this vehicle will feature six-speed manual transmission systems. The fuel economy of this vehicle is not good.

It is reported that Toyota FT-4X will feature seat belts, parking sensors, cruise control, lane control and many other features.

Toyota FT-4X - CONCEPT

Price and Release Date

The Toyota FT-4X Cruiser will be offered in the first quarter of the year 2018. The expected price of this model is 39,990 dollars.

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