2018 Toyota Tacoma – Updates, Specs and Fuel Economy

This mid-size pickup range was introduced by Toyota back in 2014 and has garnered a niche customer base for itself. But the Japanese manufacturers are looking to introduce the 2018 Toyota Tacoma with only one thing in mind – the top sales spot.

Tacoma loyalists find this vehicle the perfect mid-size pick-up truck which gets the job done while providing for good luxury and comfort. One of the major drawbacks to this pick-up’s mediocre sales was that it did not come with a diesel engine limiting the customer base. And it is rumored that the Japanese automaker will make sure of it.

2018 Toyota Tacoma - side

2018 Toyota Tacoma Exterior Changes

This is already one of the freshest looking pick-ups around and there are few chances to Toyota making modifications in the exterior section. However, minor modifications are expected in the fascia only as updates.

Expect more bulging contours with the headlamps caving and unlike protruding fog lamps. A more distinct front bumper may come too. Grille design will have the same signature styling. It might be made larger than before and with a stronger bar flaunting the Toyota badge.

A trademark bulge on the hood is expected with the overall design. The cab shape of this model is much less on the boxier making it a better looker. Muscular wheel arches flowing all the way back through the body is something that Toyota will look to keep for its loyal customer base.

2018 Toyota Tacoma - interior

Interior Modifications

An important reason behind this models’ success is its perfect blend of luxury and utility. Interior specs, on both luxury and infotainment fronts are where this model scored high with its buyers. Toyota is always at the forefront of innovation and expectations are that they will give the pick-up class-leading tech specs. There are no definite specs as this 2018 Toyota Tacoma still hasn’t hit the assembly lines.

Powertrain Specs

Rumors are that Toyota will include a 2018 Toyota Tacoma diesel engine in its powertrain which already has two engine options.

The first option will be a 2.7 L turbocharged 4-cylinder producing 170 HP and near about 350 lb-ft. This engine will come with base trims and has class-topping fuel economy of around 24 mpg.

Another more powerful option will be a 3.5 L Turbocharged V6 producing nearly 280 HP and above 500 lb-ft of torque. Toyota will do good to include this engine in lower trims for buyers who want more power under the hood than in-cabin specs.

Both these engines will come with a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed auto transmission. Rumors are that Toyota will include a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) right from its base trims.

There is an off-chance that they might also throw in a diesel engine borrowed from the Hilux to avoid what happened with previous generations of this model. This engine will be 2.8 L turbocharged inline-4 to make expected to come with a few modifications to enhance output. Maximum power and torque stats may come in around 170 HP and above 360 lb-ft, more than the gasoline version.

2018 Toyota Tacoma - front

Price and Release Date

  • Estimated Pricing – $31,000 plus.
  • Release Date – Q4 2017/Q1 2018.

Whether Toyota will be able to make this 2018 Toyota Tacoma reach out to a further customer base is worth a wait. But what is for sure is that this model will be a better overall buy than previous ones.

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