2018 Toyota FT-1 – Concept, Rendering, Supra Specs

The only thing Toyota has not exclusively done till date in this automobile industry is give it a true-blue sports car meant for speed and exhilaration only. And although some might say they have Lexus, the point is that the badge is not the same. This rumored upcoming 2018 Toyota FT-1 looks to change all that.

2018 Toyota FT-1 Concept Specs

A typical Jap design – blending curves with edges, this car has been drawing the spotlight ever since its reveal in 2014. This car is an epitome of imagination brought into reality given that this design is straight from a virtual world. This 2018 Toyota FT-1 was first designed by Calty Design Research drawing on Jap automobile elements through the years and giving it that all-essential touch of modernity.

2018 Toyota FT-1 - rendering

And this car looks the part from every angle. One might find that Enzo-like front fascia with the central hood shaping down as the nose with that trademark badge on it. It is impossible to miss the headlights on the either sides – sharply angled, hosting three LEDs and an accent underneath shaping and cornering it from the sides. Air intakes follow curving from above the headlamps down to the fender. And this is where things get interesting – two fans down below to help air circulation.

Performance and Engine Specs 

Why would a car need two fans in its air intakes? – Only if there’s a monster inside. This car is exclusively built on a BMW Z4 modular platform with a front engine. And if rumors are anything to go by, this is going to be one hell of an engine. But that is exactly what Toyota wants to create – hype.

However expectations are that this 2018 Toyota FT-1 will compete with the likes of Corvettes and Camaros not to mention Porsche Boxsters and Caymans and a few Jaguars. This is will be surely be a serious sports car and if the looks are anything to go by – this will be a serious sports car from Toyota.

2018 Toyota FT-1 - rear

Is this 2018 Toyota FT-1 simply the new 2018 Toyota Supra?

The world is divided into two hemispheres and each of those into two further groups – some will say yes and some others’ simply no. But truth be told, the onus is on Toyota. Whether their collaboration with BMW is to produce a new-generation Supra or a complete new genre as the 2018 Toyota FT-1 is something that only time will tell.

The BMW handshake is logically perfect though. They want to make this new Supra go faster and do away with age-old inline-6 engines which just do not make this car serious enough to take on likes of Porsches to say the least. Also, they do not have the turbo techs to apply to V6 or V8 and put it in the compact Supra body. What it needs is BMW’s twin-turbo techs thus the collaboration.

Price and Release Date

Whatever it might be, time will tell when and where this 2018 Toyota FT-1 will hit the showrooms. Expected price-tags to come in around $100,000 at least but, for what it’s worth – this is a Ninja on 4 wheels.

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