2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR Edition, Engine Specs and Sale

In words of Bob Carter, from Toyota automakers- “this 2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR is undoubtedly beguiling. For our fans, this 8th-gen Toyota mid-sized sedan could be the most entrancing model yet beheld.”

This spectacular 18’ Camry is being touted of possessing aggressiveness in its character. Plus, it also being speculated to have a low center of gravity. This was evident at the Detroit Auto Show where experts found the new Camry a bit wider, hosting boomerang shaped head burners with a variety of ride configuration.

2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR - front

2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR  Exterior Design

Unlike its forerunners, the 2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR design looks beefed up, and it implies that its automakers mean business. Differentiating strongly from Camry SE and XSE, this revamped exclusive model rolls upon aggressive wheels and all terrain tires. It also looks dead serious with its quad exhaust tips.

Its platform will be based on a novice TNGA platform, an elite Toyota New Global Architecture design. With what is being speculated, it is believed that this model will come loaded with a race-track centric engine power plant.

During its testing phases, the model was heavily camouflaged and so details about its exterior are inconclusive as of now. The automakers might oust the awkward fish like frontal portion. Rather a sleeker and angular design will be seen in its front fascia.

There are fair resemblances with its actual production lineups in the form of grille and headlights. Meanwhile, the front fenders of the NASCAR model are sportier and muscular in contrast to the production-ready models.

2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR - rear


A 3.5-liter V6 unit will power the car. This engine has the capability of churning around 300 horsepower. Manual transmission is a probability but it’s a long shot as Camry has not dished it out for a long time. An 8 speed auto gear box might also be there. Toyota Camry NASCAR 2018 is anticipated to come with a FWD – front wheel drive configuration.

More about new Camry NASCAR

Apparently, the new Toyota Camry NASCAR 2018 has been handling the accolades quite well. In words of the Ed Laukes- VP of TMS- “Toyota Motor Sales stated Camry NASCAR 18’ model has taken years in the making and to complete it is a milestone for our organization finally.”

2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR - redesign

He further added, re-imagining both versions namely –

“Camry models for 2018 Toyota Camry NASCAR and production counterparts have taken some significant undertakings. Maintaining mirroring designs for both these models will definitely present out fans something really exciting.”

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