2017 Toyota Supra – Specs, Engine and Release Date

Right from the time when Toyota Supra was first debuted it has continued to be the favorite for sport car lovers. This time, 2017 Toyota Supra is coming with more enhanced features that will give you perfect modern look. It is coming with the features that will leave the eye and mind of people popping in admiration. This New vehicle is coming from two giant automakers which are Toyota and BMW. For that reason, fans are waiting with huge expectation.

2017 Toyota Supra - redesign

2017 Toyota Supra Design and Feature

Great changes are expected in this new 2017 Toyota Supra so as to make it look more captivating and admirable. The outer shell of this vehicle is made out of aluminum material that is sturdy but lightweight so as to increase the performance and fuel economy of this vehicle. The overall weight is now 3,306 pounds which are enough to enhance aerodynamic nature of the car. Looking at the front end of this sports car, you will notice adaptive LED lights and big holes that aid circulation. The mirrors are equally aerodynamic with the body color options that are enormous. There is also adaptive sports spoiler added to make this car behave ideally while on top speed. To enhanced stability, there is 20-inch alloy wheels and increased wheelbase.

2017 Toyota Supra - front

Interior Specifications and Fuel Economy

Inside this 2017 Toyota Supra stage great sports environment. Some of the standard interior features include: Sports steering wheel, lots of ornamental décors, ergonomic sports seats, and others. Also, the seats in this car are upholstered with quality black leather with the automatic adjustable feature. The entire interior equipment in this vehicle are digitally controlled. There is small screen where everything driver is doing can be read located in the steering. There are also touch screen display, audio system, quality speakers, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity and lots more. Owing to the overall weight reduction, the fuel economy is said to be 34 mpg combined.

Engine Options

There are several engine options expected to come with 2017 Toyota Supra. But the confirmed one is a 2.0-liter twin-turbo four-cylinder engine with the ability to produce 360 horsepower and 300-lb ft of torque. This engine is expected to come installed with two electric motors with each sending power to the rear wheel.

2017 Toyota Supra - new front

Toyota and BMW are getting ready to provide this 2017 Toyota Supra with the features that will make it stand out from the crowd. But, there are still some vehicle brands that will be in close competition with it. Some of the competing vehicles are: Chevrolet Corvette and Nissan 350Z. For safety, there are several features that are coming with this vehicle that will guarantee security and safety of users. Some of the safety features include: Seat belts, traction control, stability control, blind spot warning, cruise control, lane departure warning, and others.

Release Date and Price

2017 Toyota Supra is expected to make it into the world car market by the beginning or before the first quarter of 2017. The price has not been released but it is estimated to start from $55,000. In fact, sport car lovers will enjoy great experience with this vehicle.a

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