2017 Toyota Camry – Rendering Photos, Redesign and Price

The 2017 Toyota Camry will be a comfortable, handsome and stylish car in a competitive segment. It will definitely defeat the competitors like Subaru Legacy, Hyundai Sonata and Ford Fusion in the market.

2017 Toyota Camry Exterior and Interior Specs

The exterior side of 2017 Toyota Camry will offer the same look and design. Some features can be restyled and upgraded. The key exterior features may include wide-open catfish look, wide jowls, and large lower maw. The presence of thin upper grille and the wide track will also attract the viewers.

2017 Toyota Camry  - redesign

The higher trim levels of this model will get LED daytime running lamps and swept back headlights. The XSE and SE models possess the side sheet metal. The rear end will also offer a curved bard of bright work. The front end will offer the advanced fog lights, LED lights, modified bumper, and grille. All these features will be upgraded. The higher trim levels will incorporate handsome LED daytime lamps. The presence of 17-inch alloy wheels is expected in this model. The cabin will accommodate only five passengers. The presence of two front and two rear doors will offer entrance space. The rear end of this vehicle will offer traditional features like an antenna, small bumper, and camera.

2017 Toyota Camry  - front spy

The cabin of 2017 Toyota Camry will be equipped with standard features. The cabin features two rows of cloth seats. The higher trim levels like SE models will get suede like material for seats. The presence of leather seats is reported in XSE and XLE models. Different trim levels will offer different specs and features. The dashboard will offer appealing features and specs. Presence of 7.0-inch touch screen, MP3, MP4, Bluetooth and video features will entertain the passengers. The passengers will also enjoy air conditioning system, safety features, and multimedia features. Front seats have extra features like adjustments and rotations. Camry will  have larger then most of competition. The latest safety features like seat belts will also make sure safety of passengers.

2017 toyota camry - redesign front

Engine Options

It is reported that 2017 Toyota Camry model will offer the same engine options as previous models. Hence we can expect the presence of inline-4 engine. This unit will generate 170-pound feet of torque and 178 hp power. The higher trim levels like XSE and XLE will offer V-6 and 3.5-liter engine. It will generate 248 lb-ft of torque and 268 hp powers. This engine will cost the buyers extra cash. The expected fuel economy of this model is around 30 mpg without batteries.

22017 toyota camry - redesign

Safety Features

The 2017 Toyota Camry will possess updated safety features like lane departure alert, forward collision warning system, adaptive cruise control and rear cross traffic alert. We can also expect blind spot monitor, brake override system, and anti-lock brakes.

Price and Release Date

The expected price of redesigned Camry is 27,800 dollars. The final release date is still unknown but we can expect the arrival in the beginning of the year 2017.

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