2017 Toyota Avanza – Features, Interior and Price

The 2017 Toyota Avanza is all set to arrive in the market and from the direction of ongoing trends it seems that the upcoming model is going to win hearts of masses because of its strong appearance and highly influential improvements and updates. The vehicle is supporting a broad range of features, which are all about making the driving experience much better and improved for the riders. It is one of the finest forms of the Japanese engineering so you are going to find it difficult not to pay attention to it. Toyota wants to not only satisfy the current line of customers, but it also aims to win new ones so the production of 2017 model has been carried out keeping these details in mind.

2017 Toyota Avanza -front

2017 Toyota Avanza  Exterior and Interior 

The reports say that exterior of 2017 Toyota Avanza will not be containing any significant changes when compared with the models that have been released in the past. The dimensions will be a bit similar and light in weight material has been used so that improvement in handling as well as fuel efficiency can be obtained at the same times design is such that it does not make any kind of compromise on the safety of occupants. More elegance is associated with the newer framework and it will be supported by the LED headlights for the purpose of enhancing overall impression as well as visibility. 14 inches wheel come with the regular model, but the option of 15-inch is also there if you want something more.

The interior of 2017 Toyota Avanza will be equipped with features that are comfortable as well as enjoyable. There is enough space for accommodating 7 passengers. For providing better options related visibility main panel has been lowered. It is entirely the choice of the customer to select materials ranging from plastic to leather. For better choices related to connectivity, a number of USB ports have been installed along with BlueTooth and Wi-Fi. Other prominent features are being mentioned below

  • Power windows
  • Double zone atmospheric controlling system
  • Safety features
  • Sound System

2017 Toyota Avanza - interior


The options of engines for 2017 Toyota Avanza are extremely interesting. The fuel efficiency is simply great and new standards related with ecology have been set so that these can be followed in the main industry. This shows that output of power will be modest providing better performance. The 1.5 l, engine of gasoline is going to contain VVT-i system that has the potential of delivering 190 hp and this has been coupled with 5, speed manual transmission for availing better performance.

Price and date of release

Toyota has a reputation of building highly advanced vehicles which are at the same time affordable as well. The expectations are that new 2017 Toyota Avanza will cost $20,000 for the base model and for higher trims the rates will obviously be high. Coming towards the release no official date has been announced yet but you can expect to see it on roads by the end of 2016.

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