Lexus UX Crossover Concept – Specs, Rumors and Release Date

It’s an ordeal for any given automaker to engineer a model which is fresh and innovative while adhering to brand language and customer relevance. But Lexus automakers had a vision of a compact SUV concept for their future markets. And after years of R&D, the Lexus UX crossover concept made its debut at the Paris auto show in 2016.

Lexus UX Crossover Concept - front view

Heart and Soul of Lexus UX Crossover Concept

Lexus UX crossover concept crux lies in its futuristic inside-out conception. Automakers aimed at creating a synergy between the inside and outside to show a more human-centric concept both from a visual and philosophical point of view.

The front fenders protrude into the cabin housing the e-mirror screens which display images of the door-mounted and rear faced cameras. A fresh dash construct rests below the screen for enhanced forward visibility.

The bodywork again flows from the rear end into the cabin which allows forming the rear seat headrest structure. It’s X-shaped mobility from interior to exterior is reinforced similarly via 4×4 powerful fender style along with its aerodynamic cladding of the wheel arch.

Lexus UX Crossover Concept - front

A Superb Seinterpretation

Lexus design signatures a powerful reinterpretation of the UX conception imitating its inceptors’ determination of a stand-alone aplomb and unique characteristic. The Lexus UX cross concept showcases a powerful inside-out representation and a deconstructed inert construction and decor.

Deconstructed Interior Design

About the Lexus UX concept, tipsters have opined this new concept embodies forward-thinking technology and imagination. Much of this sensation is generated through the Kinetic seat conception.

This was in rejoinder to the re-evaluation the bare-bones of seat occupancy. Its exceptional ‘seat in control’ remains loyal to the brands signature. The cockpit’s ergonomics and state of the art three-dimensional HDMI technology, as a part of its concept, is also seen.

Its central console hosting a hologram style air-conditioning display and infotainment is visible both on its front as well as back clearly. Images also show that driver’s instrument cluster comprises of a floating hologram globe which displays both analog and digital details.

Lexus UX Crossover Concept - side

Exceptionally New-gen Design Dynamics

Lexus UX crossover concept also reveals its automakers have worked extensively in both digital and clay methods focused on achieving superior quality surfacing and designing. Its evolutionary Lexus trapezoidal grille hosts chrome finished mesh intakes.

The side air vents sports similar mesh-like patterns that have been embedded in chrome. As per the rendered images, its frontal headlights are multi-clustered and feature daytime running lights which have a one-of-a-kind design.

The wheels of this vehicle evokes much interest as the spokes’ design is unlike anything that’s ever been witnessed. Its unique tires host boundaries which maintain its inside-out design concept. The automaker has certainly gone out of its way to design this Lexus UX crossover concept and give a peek into the future.

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