2017 Toyota Hiace – Review, Towing Capacity and Price

The Toyota Hiace comes from Toyota, which is a well-known manufacturer of Japanese origin. Haice was originally introduced in the year 1967 and overall these years the car has been offered in a variety of different configurations.  The 2017 Toyota Hiace will arrive in the form of 5th generation model and it will be made available in three levels of trim. The upcoming model will be equipped with more space and seating has been installed in a manner to enhance the overall experience of passengers. This vehicle is being manufactured with the aim of showing compatibility with increasing demands of passenger cars. This vehicle has a strong demand in Asia so it is being designed keeping in consideration the market.

2017 Toyota Hiace - front

2017 Toyota Hiace Interior and Exterior Features

The exterior of 2017 Toyota Hiace will not support any prominent changes. Doors are sliding so that ability to exit can be enhanced. The vehicle has the capacity of including 10-14 occupants and every passenger will have a bucket seat along with 2 seater bench. The new Hiace also comes with a buzzer, which will alert the passenger if he is not wearing the seat-belt. It will not be wrong to regard this one a luxury coach. The anterior row seats have the slide adjustments also there is sufficient space for legs and head.

There is a total of four seating rows also enough space is there for the purpose of storing luggage. Seats comes with proper covering and the cabin has been designed to facilitate better aeration of the. Small bonnet makes it easier to investigate the level of fluid. In the standard form, every model will come with CD player, USB port, and two speaker systems. Other prominent features included in the system are being mentioned below

  • Remote Central lock
  • Modernized instruments panel
  • Modernized covering
  • Gated Shift ear
  • Brake assist
  • Anti-skid braking2017 Toyota Hiace - interior

The width of Hiace will be 1.9 meters and width will be 5.4 meters. These dimensions appear reasonable considering the level of services one expects to get from Toyota.


The 2017 Toyota Hiace will be supporting two engines. First one is that cam 2.7 l, VVT-i that has the potential of providing 111 kW. Second is 3.0 l, turbocharged, which will provide 100 kW. You can regard both of these engines as very much reliable, but for dealing with heavy loads one will require turbo unit. In the standard form, Hiace is offering 4, speed automated transmission.

2017 toyota hiace -colors

Price and Date of Release

The price of 2017 Toyota Hiace will definitely be a matter of concern for people who are interested in buying it.  The price can vary according to features, which you will prefer to include in the system. The release of the car will take place at the start or early part of the year 2017 so you will have to wait till then.

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