2017 Toyota GX – Land Cruiser Review, Changes and Price

 The 2017 Toyota GX is another great product that will be available by the end of the of this year. There are reports present that it will contain prominent redesigned framework, interior,  and altogether improved options related to the engine. The vehicle will also contain a modified portion for the cargo where there will be additional space for accommodating luggage and the main highlight is automated closing and opening option.  Toyota is giving special attention to this particular model because it has to compete against some really tough contenders.

2017 Toyota GX - front

2017 Toyota GX Design and Features

Towards the exterior of the cabin the technical parts included are similar with small changes related to design for winning the attention of customers. The 2017 Toyota GX will be offered in a wide range of colors, but design and shape will remain same. Coming towards the interior the car will have Wi-Fi connectivity, roadmap finder, GPRS, Warning systems, Automated alarms for security, Soft steering wheel, and touchscreen along with many other options.  Car’s hood is a bit in the upward direction, but towards the anterior side, the automobile is long and flat. The main attractive elements are headlights and anterior indicators. The passengers will enjoy the facility of being protected by strong airbags and other features related to safety in a more convincing manner. Drivers will get the opportunity of experiencing many options for reducing speed and stopping for the purpose of avoiding any kind of collision.

2017 Toyota GX - interior

Technologically we can say that it’s a Sports Utility Vehicle with an appropriate size. For providing a creative look anterior framework, bumpers, headlights, LED light fence, tires and headlights have been redesigned. Other prominent inclusions are being mentioned below

  • Airbags
  • Automated warning system
  • Seat belts
  • Automated doors

In short, a complete range of exciting and compatible features have been included in the 2017 Toyota GX.

Engine Options

The engine will be 4.6l V8 that will have the potential of producing 310 hp and torque of 330 lb-ft.  This vehicle will get support from 6, speed and the 8, speed automated transmission system for increasing capacity, mileage and the power of the medium sized Sports Utility vehicle. Inside city 2017 Toyota GX will provide you 26mpg and on the highway, the mileage can reach to 32 mpg. There is also the hybrid engine, which will lead to the production of additional power and torque for providing improved efficiency.

2017 Toyota GX - redesign

Price and Release Date

There has been no confirmed price as far as the 2017 Toyota GX is concerned. However, it can be said that expected price will be around $ 61,000. This is again going to depend on the level of trim as well as additional features that you will include. The release will be by the end of this year or at the start of 2016.

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