Lexus Sport Yacht Concept – Features, Release Date and Price

It’s an ordeal for auto inceptors to expand its presence and prominence in a segment where innovation comes personified. The Japanese luxury auto makers, with an aim of accomplishing this feat, have given birth to a novice concept. They are calling it the Lexus Sport Yacht concept and tipsters opine- “it’s completely unseen or unheard before.”

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept - front

The Lexus Sports Yacht Concept

As per the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept blueprints and images, it comes with a stylish upper deck and an exterior casing. This design bonds seamlessly with the inert construct. Every part comes with a singular hand laid composite of a dual polyurethane epoxy resin.

By dimension it’s a – 42 foot long with width of 13 ft.

This is also accompanied by hand laid woven carbon fiber reinforced plastic or CFRP, the DNA used for supercars and race models. This is mainly in league of the 202 mph and 553 HP seen in Lexus LFA, elite racing boats, military aircrafts.

Using CFRP, the Lexus Sport Yacht Concept saves over 2,200 pounds contrasting to conventional yacht FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) constructs as per official statements. Along with this, its underwater hull is designed to lessen drag and resistance and enhance high acceleration handling and balancing.

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept - dashboard

Origin of the mind-boggling “Lexus Sports Yacht

Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda received an invitation from Toyota Marine department some time before. Its objective was to make the president of Toyota Motor Corporation spend time off land and test-drive their fresh Ponam line of yachts, soon to be launched.

The time spent inspired Toyoda via its powerful engine and stability. He appreciated the performance and styling of the concept and wanted complement the same design language for making new gen of Lexus line-ups.

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept - engines

Inspirational Power-Source

As per official statement, Lexus Sport Yacht hosts a twin powered 5.0 liter V8 with cranking 440 HP each and capable of moving this piece of art at speeds of 49 mph. The twin hydraulic stern drives bow-placed thrusters come with dock control and a joystick for the drive.

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept - cabin

Stupefying Interiors

This Lexus Sport Yacht in-cab is likely to host-

  • Luxurious Lexus leather upholstery with glass and wood detailing.
  • Sofa seats, 2 stove burners,
  • Under counter fridge and sink
  • Integrated music-video system networked with WAN and 4G Wi-Fi

Captain controls include-

  • Monitoring onboard systems
  • A multifunctional touch screen panel at its helm
  • Surface radar, GPS navigation, digital charts and underwater sonar features

Lexus Sport Yacht Concept - rear

Official Comments

The Lexus Sport Yacht Concept has enabled us to explore how our trademark design language can be made use in nautical way of life. It stirs innovative vibes and pushes us to limits which did not believe was feasible.

We have been very enthralled with this prospect.”

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