2018 Lexus LC TRD – Specs, Engine and Price

Mark Templin, Lexus International Executive VP said in an interview that the new 2018 Lexus LC TRD is going to see some really impressive detailing.

One of the interesting things in this 2018 Lexus LC TRD is that its increased dimension. It is rumored to be wider (1900mm) and its wheelbase will be longer (3000mm), and tipsters hold that this concept could be from the Lexus LC TRD-LC concept.

2018 Lexus LC TRD - front

2018 Lexus LC TRD Exterior Design

2018 Lexus LC TRD will also have some noteworthy changes in its outer aspects. This big car will host bold grille in its front fascia, and its 3D mesh make will give it a sharper presentation. Frontal lights will see vertical LEDs and a couple of flues underneath that. Rear will also host LED lights and new spoilers.

Its external surface construction is speculated to be carried out with the use of light-weight materials such as aluminium and carbon fiber. Its light weight and low center of gravity will definitely assist the automobile to roll much faster.

Its body will have more curves evoking a chiseled and sturdy appearance. Though there are some aspects which are still being experimented upon, its modernistic and aerodynamic design will definitely make it one of the top releases in 2017.

2018 Lexus LC TRD - interior

Interior Aspects

According to Lexus VP, their luxurious machine is likely to host a number of fresh interior aspects. He also pinpointed a possible marriage between craftsmanship and technology.

It’s cabin will be luxurious through and through. Its frontal seats will be floating with ample space between each of them. Rear seats will be reclining in nature.

In addition to its seats:

  • Advanced hand gesture recognition for monitoring climate and audio systems.
  • Modified dash with a 1-inch touchscreen display with smart controlling options.
  • Full-length mid console and digital instrument cluster.

Full details on its interior upgrades are now known yet, and Templin also declined to comment anything on the specifications. However, he did give car enthusiasts a hint that this next gen LC TRD is going to host an interior not seen before.

2018 Lexus LC TRD - rear

Powertrain Specs

2018 Lexus LC TRD will likely have 5.0 turbo V8 engine having with an output rating of 560 lb-ft of torque and 467 HP of power. This engine will be mated with a couple of electric motors and a 7-speed automatic transmission.

Its rate of acceleration from 0-60 mph is 4.2 seconds. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle is not known yet but its automakers believe that it is going to be more than its predecessors.

Price and Release Date

2018 Lexus LC TRD is set to launch in the 3rd quarter of the 2017 market or at the beginning of 2018. However to come to any sort of conclusion is foolishness as no such declarations have been made. Its expected price is believed to be somewhere around $105,000, but again one will have to wait for any official confirmation to come out. Competition may come from Porsche 911, Maserati Gran and BMW 6 series.

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