2018 Lexus LC Coupe – Hybrid, Engine Specs and Price

With a massive grille and proactively angled metal sheet body, 2018 Lexus LC is hinting out some serious car performance. As per Lexus- ‘LC is definitely one of the most rigid automobiles it has managed to engineer and users can expect amazingly smooth handling.’

Revealed at 2017 Auto Show in Detroit, 2018 Lexus LC concept was stated to be one of the prime reveals. Attendants were quite pleased witnessing its 360-degree interactive video and bestowed heaps of praises to its automakers. With more than a year left for this alluring coupe to appear in showrooms, expectations are soaring high.

2018 Lexus LC Coupe - front

2018 Lexus LC Coupe Exterior Design

As per the 2018 Lexus LC Coupe¸ all its trim models will host a single grille, LFA-esque silhouette and sharper appearance. Though its automakers are not very comfortable to use the tagline- ‘sports car’ each of the Lexus LC trims will likely feature sports car like characteristics!

Concept of lightweight materials such as aluminium, magnesium and carbon fiber will be made use of. Aluminium will be utilized for the door skin.

New LED head and rear burners, edgier curves, exhaust vents, bumper beams, frontal suspensions, new spoilers and aluminium tires will all be maintained adequately.

Interior Concept

The inner door panels will be of carbon fiber, and passengers will be enveloped with stitched surfaces. New leather coated dash with plenty of controls will be noticeable. All trims will see incorporate magnesium paddle shifters behind the steers.

Plus other features such as electronic stability system, Frankenstein nub gauge hoods will be observed. Music lovers can expect pioneer stereo as standard with an alternative of Mark Levinson premium stereo system.2018 Lexus LC Coupe cabin will be spacious, and its weight distribution will be somewhat 52-48 from front to rear.

2018 Lexus LC Coupe - interior

Platform Concept

As for the platform- 2018 Lexus LC Coupe will see the engine come after the mid-line of its frontal axle with its wheels pushed out to four corners. The hip point of drivers will be around the automobile’s center of gravity.

Engine Specifications

In pursuit of propelling its powerplant, its automakers have incorporated a 5.0-liter V-8 engine. They have mated it with a 10-speed auto paddle shifter and claim that it’s accelerating rate from 0-60 mph will be around 4.5 seconds.

Its engine will have the ability to notch up 471 HP of power output and around 398 lb-ft of torque.

Lexus stated that for their 2018 Lexus LC Coupe, they opted for emotive quality and an aspirated linear response for their powertrain rather than aiming for maximum output through forced induction. Plus, they have also made use of an active exhaust baffles for more sportiness.

Though some experts have bought this liner response engine, they have also pointed that at some point, they will have to make use of forced induction. Rumors also state that its engine concept might also see twin-turbochargers. Chances of a hybrid powertrain are also likely.

2018 Lexus LC Coupe - rear

Competition, Price and Launch

2018 Lexus LC Coupe price will be quite high. With the 2016 model prices being somewhere around $100,000, its expected price could be somewhere in between $130,000-$200,000. Its release date is scheduled to be either 2017 late winter or early spring. Serious competition might come from Porsche 911, BMW 6 series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe

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